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    Up to 25 docsCreate Unlimited Documents
    Integrated with Live ChatIntegrated with Live Chat
    -Connected to Google Analytics
    -Custom domain
    -Branding Removal

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    What you'll get...

    Create help articles and your clients will have them available from:

    • The support widget (Live chat, Support & Updates) within your website or platform - Try it in the bottom right corner

    • Any button on your website can show our floating search engine and your clients will have documentation without changing the page. Try searching "Add languages" 👇

    • SEO friendly

    • Document reorganization with Drag and Drop

    • Multilingual KB (PRO)

    • Send proactive messages with KB articles

    • Agents can attach documents in support conversations

    • A nice fully customizable help center- Look at ours

    • Connected to Google Analytics (PRO)

    • Users can start a question from a document so agents understand the context of that question

    • Timeline (updates) show relevant announcements to your customers. Take a look

    • The documents attached by agents allow customers to solve their doubts without having to open a new tab on their browser

    • Documents can be shown programmatically so they can be used for the Onboarding process and can be integrated into your platform to offer support

    • Custom Domain & Branding removal (PRO)

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